Some thoughts on Massacre Control

Here is a worthwhile idea!

We should to the same thing to gun buyers that is being done to women seeking an abortion. Many states now only have 1 abortion clinic. Let’s have only 1 gun shop per state.

Many states require women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion. Let’s have people get shot before they can buy a gun.

Many states require extensive “counseling” before a woman can have an abortion. Let’s require extensive counseling for gun purchasing.

Let’s go further! If you are on food stamps you have to pee in a cup before you can buy a gun.

If you are on welfare you are not allowed to buy bullets.

If you don’t want a background check done on you to buy a gun, than you can’t vote because obviously you are not who you say you are and we have to cut down on fraud.

You can use a student ID to buy a gun but not a gun license.

Oh and protesters can stand outside gun shops with posters of bloodied gun shot victims, they can scream in the faces of those buying a gun and make them cry and they can carry around guns in jars of formaldehyde and throw them at people walking into the store…


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