An Open Letter to Corporate Media

An Open Letter to Corporate Media (Including MSNBC) Since you are the only constitutionally protect business in the U.S. you have an obligation to do your job properly. You have failed and are failing at that obligation, in your pursuit of more profits for your owners you have become fat, corrupt and incompetent. You allow elections to be rigged, you allow millions of Americans to physically suffer because you refuse to speak truth to power. You are responsible for the decline and soon the destruction of the American experiment in democracy. YOU, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, are the only safeguard democracy has to protect itself from tyranny. YOU, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA have chosen to take the side of the tyrants. YOU will be the first victims of their tyranny. You have the pretty faces, the good hair, the high salaries, the empty minds and good life, what you do not have is a human soul.


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