Lewisburg Visual Interactive Code

The Lewisburg Visual Interactive Code was a joint project conducted by the Union County Planning Commission, Lewisburg Borough and Penn State’s School of Landscape Architecture to integrate graphics into the Borough’s Land Use Regulations.

The Borough of Lewisburg, PA is pleased to welcome you to the Visual Interactive Code version of our ordinances. The Visual Interactive Code, also known as VIC, is an innovative new way for communicating regulations. Wherever you see red text, select it for links to illustrated commentary. These provide a mini-slide show of pictures or short video-clips to help explain the ordinance principles. To the left you will see a Table of Contents which continuously tracks your location to help keep you oriented. VIC also has a powerful Find feature, which is accessed at the middle tab on the left side. Please look through the “Using VIC” section to get tips on how to most effectively use this if you are new to VIC. Should you need interpretation of any Ordinance provision, please contact the Borough directly.

In addition to Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, VIC requires two plugins to enable all its features. Instructions for downloading and installing these plugins are included in the Using VIC Section. If you are new to VIC, additional instructions on how to most effectively use VIC are also included in the Using VIC section. To see these click the “Next” button at the top of this page or click on “Using VIC” below.

Using VIC
Traditional Neighborhood Design Guidelines
Lewisburg Borough Comprehensive Plan

Lewisburg Visual Interactive Code


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